Another View it's a conceptual graphic project, realized for a seasonal exposition in Fano,

my own city.

I did it even with Andrea Vercetti, who helped me to imagine and build it.

This artwork makes focus on the reality is perception, highlighting the difference between the perception of reality, and reality itself.

We were inspired by Magritte's opera: "cecì n'est pas une pipe" and we choosing to do it  just using a different way to show the same message. 

To design it, we draw it first on CAD, to know where fix nails and pass wires.

After that we printed all the draw on few A4 papers, sticking them on the black door and later we passed all the white wire

(more than 50 meters) from nail to nail, linking all of them to gave life to the composition.

We used the black and white colors to make more high the contrast between wire and door, to emphasize the contrast game and the content itself.


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