Another View II it's a conceptual graphic project, realized for a seasonal exposition in Fano, my own city. I did it with the artist and also my own friend Andrea Vercetti, who helped me to imagine and build it. 

The concept that we wanted express it's quite actual: the real condition in the moderns friendship connections, focusing it on the contrast between the online and offline contacts.

Also, our intent was make something where people can play with it, to be a part of the artwork, to be inside the project. 

Because the project wasn't complete without people's action. How ? i'll describe it later.

The name it's all about this: show them the other side of the same concept.

That's why we did a circular mash, full of pyramids, who represent connections around you, from higher and closer contacts, till the farther and lowest.

Putting a big white pyramid in the middle, who is representing just you.

How people could interact with it ? Just pushing a button on the floor which switch off the incandescent light and at the same time it turn on the UV light,

who reveal the "other view" of the same concept,emphasizing only the white one.

How it's made?

First of all modeling the 3D artwork,

and then splitting each pyramid in his own level. After that, every part has been exploded and then translated from a 3D model, to a 2D draw in a way that we could print and build them on cardboard.

In the same time we choose every single color helping us with Adobe Kuler which is a very good way to find cool patterns.

And than we printed all of the 166 exploded pyramids on a properly colored cardboard, 

cutting and gluing them, one by one (yes, It took a lot of patience). 

After we cut a 130cm diameter circle, where paste all the pre assembled pyramids.


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