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Hoby is an innovative tool for making incredible time lapses on every phone at 360°.

Just choose your favorite perspective, insert your smartphone and start creating beautiful time lapses.

On top of being adaptable, flexible and super resistant, Hoby is also portable without the need of bulky tripods.

It is made using a kitchen timer at the base, this is to avoid adding another complex product to the market. The choice to use the timer was to give a new life to it. This was the first constraint in the developing of this project as the whole project revolves around it. I chose this specific timer because it is the most resistant, it's shape is the simplest, and it is the most common to find in case of replacement. And I like it. In addition, the timer itself has a mechanical engine inside, which means you dont need to recharge any battery every time.

Thats what I really love about them.

It is suitable for all smartphones, independent of which OS it has inside or which model it is. You can use one brand or another one, or choose from old phones to the newest one as long as it is no more than 8 cm wide.

Hoby gives you a wide choice of settings despite its small dimensions. You can always bring it with you because every day is a good day for making a time lapse.

The timer itself has no battery but he has a "mechanical rechargeable engine" which means you will never need to recharge it electrically; it only needs your hands.

The nut ring is designed to give you total freedom in terms of choosing the point of view. Indeed there are 36 different way to fix the central stick.


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The design constraint was: how can I affix a phone to a kitchen timer ? And after that, what is the simplest way to do it ? Did I miss something essential? Did I take away all of what is not essential ? To answer to all of this question I will show you my path to find the final solution.

My first model was composed of 11 parts and 3 different materials plus the kitchen timer. It was laser cutt on a 8 mm plywood, and the edge didn't gave it a right "professional aspect". It seemed more like a DIY product

The next step was to answer the question that I wrote before, and to find a totally different way to resolve the same problem. I thought: "Why hold the phone in this way? Can I find a simpler way to do that?" and this approach gave me the idea to change perspective and make it easier, in terms of the number of pieces and materials. In this way I got the same result using fewer pieces, made from just one material, and a better way to fix it on the timer.

The process of choosing the timer was significant, because this one is the most suitable. The latest Hobie receives its superior durability and finish from being made of machined polycarbonate (the same material used in riot shields).


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