Obix it's a bedside lamp designed to be playful,

which is customizable in colors and shapes as well.

The project was focalized on looking for simplicity in the way that it looks

and  the way that it's made.

The smooth and rounded curves give it a shoft look, the white and the wood color give it a clean and pure aspect, which emphasize the padded part.

The latter is easy to remove and also is designed to be changed each time you want, to be coordinate as you wish.

The design contrain was "how to do the simplest lamp that i can,

made with what i can find next to me".

The whole lamp is made without screws, but only with joined parts.


The lampshade is made with a funnel (but smaller than ROOKIE) just cutting and smoothing out the tip, and making a hole on the side, where is located

the wooden stick.


The wooden stick it is 180mm lenght, obtained from a broom stick, and the hole on it is thinked to make pass through the electric wire, 

which is at the same time a constraint to hold on the lampshade.



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