Reddish is a pendant lamp, made by melting and molding plastic dishes.

I did this project for a Design contest, where we had to design an "ultralight object"

in terms of weight and of environmental impact,

and also find a "less polluting as possible" way to produce it.

My own was made using recycled big PE dishes, washed cut and molded.


First of all i took the material that i needed

they were:


A) 9 PE dishes big size, to make modules;

B) 1 Stapler, to fix the modules together;

C) 2,5 meter of thin metal wire, to fix the modules to the electric wire

D) 1 lamp holder, where the metal wire have to pass around;

E) 1 meter of electric wire;

F) 1 bag of fishing sinkers, to fix the metal wire into the plastic part, avoiding to slide it away;

G) 1 pincers, to fix the fishing sinkers.

In this other picture you can see all the tools

that i design and build for this project,



A) Is the positive mold for modeling the plastic, once it was melted.

B) Is my DIY vacuum machine.

Basically it is like an air proof box but with hundreds of small holes on the upper side, connected in a other side to a Vacuum cleaner.

C) My home's vacuum cleaner

D) This is the framework where the dish is kept, to be  first melted and moulded later.

E) This part is a chassis to keep the warm inside it, and hold up the framework at the right distance between the infrared stove and the part which have to be melted

F) The infrared lamp, allow to the plastic to be melted at the right temperature, at the right slowness.

Here i'm explaining step by step (left to right) how it's made the production of the modules.

Starting cutting away edges of the dishes,

to fix it in the framework, and then preparing the DIY vacuum machine with all of his parts.

And so switching the infrared lamp waiting till the PE sheet begins to be melted properly and finally rotate it, on the aspirator box, where the air is blown away by the holes, allowing to the plastic to be molded.

Above here you can see the finished product where the 9 pentagrams models, works all together like a strong unique body

And also the grooves on each part,

shaped  such as a "celery structure" makes it stronger even using a very thin surface.


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