Rookie is a bluetooth speaker, which is designed joining materials that have never were matched together.

The circular front is nice to see and soft to touch, to keep the flow of the product.

The body is made in a purely white plastic, ending in a essential and smooth wooden tail which give it a touch of traditional taste.

The use is really intuitive,all we have to do is just press the soft, and quite big, button on the right to switch on Rookie. 

The shapes are very simple and it can be combined with every room, every furniture, and even every color since the padding is fully customizable.

The main obstacle to overcome, and at the same time the challenge to win,

it was "how can i create a cool stereo using an industrial funnel?".

Whats happen to me it was fall in love with it. Our story began in a hardware store, where i meet this ended product, and i decided to use it such as it was a semi finished. And it worked !

This happened more than one time to me.. But we'll talk later about it.

As i told you, Rookie is made customizing a funnel, and all the project was evolved around this design constraint, from the electronics to the choose of the speakers.

Inside there are a couple of speakers made in italy,

which are designed and produced specifically for tight spaces.

The choice of the lycra it was made because is perfect for padding,

it's washable and it's available in wide range of colors.

The support of the padding is laser cutted in a 8mm plywood,

and it stand on because inside there is an elastic band that holds together the tail and the padded part, creating a unique body

without shaky parts,

This detail allows the product to operate without external screws.



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