Fingers crossed is an interaction design project that i designed and developed during the Electronic Course which was directed by Massimo Banzi, the co founder of Arduino.

In this course i learned how to build and think in a electronic way, that's allowed me to open hundred of new possible roads for me and for my idea of "design".


The goal and also the problem to solve in that project was "how i ca interact with my smartphone, during snowboard's downhill".

Other design constraints were "everything must to be simple as possible" in the way that people use it and wear it, to make them life simpler and not complicated than now.

The project is composed by two hardware products and one software, more common called App.


I'll start talking about the chesty mount, wich is designed for iPhone, who allow us to "wear" our smarphone and fix it 

just in front of us, close to the brest. 

The body of the chesty mount is in ABS plastic, 3D printed, and the straps are adjustable on our size.

I designed the glove crossing together simplicity of usability & main commands to use. 

As you can see almost each finger have a contact on his fingertips. 

Each fingertips have electric wire on it wich is connected to Arduino. 

Touching together different fingers,we make connections which are send to Arduino which translate them in command 

to send to our iphone by bluetooth, in real time.

The App is designed to be easy to understand and to set up.

All the gestures are fully described on it, and also all the functions of each connection.

As described in the picture, with Finger Crossed we can take pictures, take the time of our downhills, recorder video, use Siri (in case we have also a bluetooth auricular connected)

and call for help. Everything just doing some sample movements with your fingers.


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